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Entry #11


2008-10-01 21:57:07 by Drakenyaze

well here is a picture I been working on it in the art forum but idk enjoy



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2008-10-14 18:41:43

That guy makes me wanna blergh

not bad. I like the amount of shading youve added here, and good details. Dunno about the eye, but this looks pretty nifty.

Drakenyaze responds:

Blergh? anyways yeah I was iffy on the eye because in his animeish style it just a line that goes threw but yeah I always liked my shading lol it just very dark


2008-10-14 20:19:02

Blergh = nearly puking because hes the sort of freak that gives me yucky chills if ya know what i mean

Drakenyaze responds:

yeah now I know what you mean and why would he do that lol


2008-11-12 20:31:42

Say how do you manage to come up with the dark images you make?
That looks pretty complex to make things create people or things that look creepy or deadly.

Drakenyaze responds:

Well to make my dark pictures well I have allot of Inspirations lol the main ones would have to be Deathnote, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Full Metal Alchemist, and a couple of other things I have read, but after the inspirations comes my imagination I sorta of always draw ether the darker side or comic side of different styles and I have always been like that


2008-11-15 02:45:58

I know i said this before but i love this pic... however chaos should stay in cartoon form... no offence, but for some reason i like the cartoon form better... ( Remember it 2:30 in the mourning right now.... and i have had LOTS to drink) but still this art is great.. Nice job..make more pictures of both because both are amazing.. yes i know this was up a month ago, and yes i know i have seen it a month ago... but i been awhile since i have been on newgrounds( yes i know that is shame)...LOL... anyway.. keep up the good work


2009-03-18 15:23:07

pure awesome as usual